Klotho protects against development of multiple age-related disorders, including cardiovascular diseases. We assessed whether a human klotho single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs650439 is associated with the onset of stroke in hypertensive patients and plasma klotho concentration in the general population. Five hundred and twenty-three patients with hypertension were analyzed for both the presence of rs650439 and onset of stroke. We found that hypertensive patients with the TT genotype of rs650439 (n=52) had a higher incidence of stroke than those with AT (n=257) and AA (n=214) genotypes. Multivariate analysis indicated that the TT genotype was the only risk factor associated with increased incidence of stroke. Plasma klotho concentrations were measured in a general population (age=70±1 years) to assess the association between rs650439 and plasma klotho concentration. A significant trend was observed in the elderly population where plasma klotho concentration decreased as the T alleles in rs650439 increased. Subjects with a TT genotype had lower plasma klotho concentrations than those with AT+AA genotypes. In conclusion, TT genotype of klotho SNP (rs650439) is correlated with an increased incidence of stroke in hypertensive patients, and the mechanism underlying this correlation might involve the effect of rs650439 T allele on plasma klotho concentrations.