Emerging evidence suggests that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are significant regulators in the pathological process of ischemic stroke (IS). However, little is known about lncRNAs and their roles in IS. In this study, we aimed to screen out differentially expressed lncRNAs and revealed the underlying mechanisms in IS. The results of bioinformatic analysis showed that lncRNA MEG3 and Sema3A were over-expressed in IS samples, while miR-424-5p was lower-expressed. Correlation between MEG3/miR-424-5p, and miR-424-5p/Sema3A were predicted with miRanda and TargetScan, and verified by dual luciferase assay. Inhibition of MEG3 remarkably increased the expression of miR-424-5p and decreased the expression of Sema3A, which also led to in an increased cell viability and decreased cellular apoptosis in oxygen-glucose deprivation and reoxygenation (OGD/R) model, as well as an activated MAPK signaling pathways. Consistently, MEG3 was upregulated in MCAO mice, knockdown of MEG3 reduced the infarct volume and improved neurobehavioral outcomes in rats following MCAO. In conclusion, it was demonstrated that MEG3 accelerated the process of IS by suppressing miR-424-5p, which targeted Sema3A and the activated MAPK pathway. These results might provide useful information for exploring the potential therapeutic targets in IS.