Bromodomain-containing protein 4 (BRD4) is overexpressed in thyroid carcinoma, represents as an important therapeutic target. ARV-825 is a novel cereblon-based PROTAC (Proteolysis Targeting Chsimera) compound. It can induce fast and sustained BRD4 protein degradation. Its potential effect in human thyroid carcinoma cells was studied here. In TPC-1 cells and primary human thyroid carcinoma cells, ARV-825 potently inhibited cell viability, proliferation and migration. Furthermore, ARV-825 induced robust apoptosis activation in the thyroid carcinoma cells. ARV-825 induced BRD4 protein degradation and downregulation of its targets, including c-Myc, Bcl-xL and cyclin D1 in thyroid carcinoma cells. It was significantly more potent in inhibiting thyroid carcinoma cells than the known small molecule BRD4 inhibitors. In vivo studies demonstrated that ARV-825 oral administration potently suppressed TPC-1 xenograft tumor growth in severe combined immunodeficient mice. BRD4 protein degradation as well as c-Myc, Bcl-xL and cyclin D1 downregulation were detected in ARV-825-treated TPC-1 tumor tissues. Taken together, ARV-825 induces BRD4 protein degradation and inhibits thyroid carcinoma cell growth in vitro and in vivo.