Couples are delaying childbearing in recent decades. While women experience a notable decrease in oocyte production in their late thirties, the effect of advanced paternal age on reproduction is incompletely understood. Herein, we observed that numerous miRNAs, including miR-574, increased in the sperm of aging males, as indicated by high-throughput sequencing. We demonstrated that miR-574 was upregulated in the sperm of two aging mouse models and was related to inferior sperm motility as an adverse predictor. Moreover, we proved that miR-574 suppressed mitochondrial function and reduced cellular ATP production in GC2 cells. Mechanistically, we demonstrated that miR-574 regulated mitochondrial function by directly targeting mt-ND5. Our study revealed an important role of miR-574 in sperm function in aging males and provided a fresh view to comprehend the aging process in sperm.