Despite continuous improvements of AML therapy, the prognosis of AML patients remains unsatisfactory. Recently, lncRNAs have been reported to participate in the development of AML. Our data demonstrated that MMP15 and LINC00963 were upregulated and miR-608 was decreased in AML cells (THP-1, HL-60, HEL and MOLM-13) compared to HS-5 cells. RT-qPCR results showed that LINC00963 levels were higher in the serum and bone marrow of AML cases than in controls. Moreover, overexpression of LINC00963 promoted AML cell growth and EMT progression in both THP-1 and HL-60 cells. Furthermore, miR-608 levels were downregulated in the serum and bone marrow of AML cases compared with controls, and Pearson’s correlation analysis indicated that LINC00963 was negatively correlated with miR-608 in the serum and bone marrow of AML samples. In addition, we demonstrated that LINC00963 sponged miR-608 expression and that MMP-15 was a target of miR-608 in AML cells. Finally, rescue experiments indicated that ectopic expression of LINC00963 accelerated cell growth and EMT development by modulating MMP-15. These data demonstrated that LINC00963 acted as an oncogene and may be a potential target for AML treatment.