The effect of POC1 centriolar protein A (POC1A) on gastric cancer (GC) has not been clearly defined. In this study, POC1A expression and clinical information in patients with GC were analyzed. Multiple databases were used to investigate the genes that were co-expressed with POC1A and genes whose changes co-occurred with genetic alternations of POC1A. Moreover, the TISIDB and TIMER databases were used to analyze immune infiltration. The GSE54129 GC dataset and LASSO regression model (tumor vs. normal) were employed, and 6 significant differentially expressed genes (LAMP5, CEBPB, ARMC9, PAOX, VMP1, POC1A) were identified. POC1A was selected for its high expression in adjacent tissues, which was confirmed with IHC. High POC1A expression was related to better overall and recurrence-free survival. GO and KEGG analyses demonstrated that POC1A may regulate the cell cycle, DNA replication and cell growth. Furthermore, POC1A was found to be correlated with immune infiltration levels in GC according to the TISIDB and TIMER databases. These findings indicate that POC1A acts as a tumor suppressor in GC by regulating the cell cycle and cell growth. In addition, POC1A preferentially regulates the immune infiltration of GC via several immune genes. However, the specific mechanism requires further study.