Objective: To investigate the clinical, laboratory, and radiological characteristics of patients with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) in Heilongjiang Province.

Results: Patients in the ICU group were older and their incidence of cardiovascular disease was higher than those in the non-ICU group. Lymphocyte levels were lower and neutrophil and D-dimer levels were higher in the ICU than that in the non-ICU group. Compared to the non-ICU group, the incidence of pulmonary consolidation and ground-glass opacity with consolidation was significantly higher in the ICU group, all lung lobes were more likely to be involved, with higher number of lung lobes and areas surrounding the bronchi. Of the 59 patients with COVID-19 in this group, 15 received mechanical ventilation. All intubated patients involved lung lobes, and a large number of lesions were observed in the area around the bronchial vessels.

Conclusion: Significant differences were observed in clinical symptoms, laboratory tests, and computed tomography features between the ICU and non-ICU groups.

Methods: A total of 59 patients with COVID-19, comprising 44 patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) and 15 in the non-ICU, were retrospectively analyzed. Characteristics of the two groups of patients were compared.