Emerging Fanconi Anemia (FA) signaling in the field of cancer research annotates the extreme importance of its center player, Fanconi Anemia complementation group D2 (FANCD2) in protecting human cells from going awry. However, a previously-unrecognized form of FANCD2, namely FANCD2-V2, is understudied. We report TRK-Fused Gene (TFG) is critical for roles played by FANCD2-V2 in early responses to DNA damage, but not for FANCD2-V1, the long-known form of FANCD2. FANCD2-V2 forms nuclear foci upon DNA damage, and both its focus appearance and disappearance are earlier than FANCD2-V1. The amino acid/aa 5-100 of TFG and the aa1437-1442 of FANCD2-V2 were identified to contribute to their interaction, which maintains the steady-state level of FANCD2-V2 protein. TFGΔaa5-100 or FANCD2-V2Δaa1437-1442-carrying cells could not show timely focus formation of FANCD2-V2 upon DNA damage and gained carcinogenicity over time. This study provides a previously-unknown key to unlock in-depth insights into maintaining genome stability, fostering translational studies on preventing, diagnosing and/or treating related diseases.