Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19660—19676

Anticancer effects of miR-124 delivered by BM-MSC derived exosomes on cell proliferation, epithelial mesenchymal transition, and chemotherapy sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells

Yan Xu1, , Nanbin Liu1, , Yuhua Wei1, , Deren Zhou1, , Rui Lin1, , Xiuyan Wang2, , Baomin Shi1, ,

  • 1 Department of General Surgery, Tongji Hospital, Tongji University Medical School, Shanghai 200065, China
  • 2 Department of Ultrasonography, Tongji Hospital, Tongji University Medical School, Shanghai 200065, China

Received: May 13, 2020       Accepted: August 5, 2020       Published: October 11, 2020
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Objective: This study aims to explore the roles of miR-124 in pancreatic tumor and potential vehicles.

Results: The miR-124 expression levels decreased in pancreatic adenocarcinoma tissues and cancer cell lines AsPC-1, PANC1, BxPC-3 and SW1990. Furthermore, the elevated expression of miR-124 in AsPC-1 and PANC1 via miR-124 mimic transfection-induced apoptosis, metastasis and epithelial mesenchymal transition was suppressed, and the EZH2 overexpression partly reversed the protective effects of miR-124 against pancreatic tumors. In addition, the expression of miR-124 was detected in exosomes extracted from miR-124-transfected BM-MSCs, and these exosomes delivered miR-124 into pancreatic cancer cells, and presented the anti-tumor effects in vitro and in vivo.

Conclusion: MiR-124-carried BM-MSC-derived exosomes have potential applications for the treatment of pancreatic tumors.

Methods: The expression of miR-124 and EZH2 was determined in both pancreatic cancer tissues and cell lines. miR-124 or EZH2 was overexpressed in AsPC-1 and PANC1 cells. Then, the effects on cell viability. apoptosis, invasion, migration and epithelial mesenchymal transition were evaluated. Afterwards, the roles of miR-124 on the expression and function of EZH2 in pancreatic tumors were determined by dual luciferase reporter assay. Subsequently, miR-124 was transfected to bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (BM-MSCs), and the BM-MSCs derived exosomes were isolated and co-cultured with AsPC-1 and PANC1 cells, or injected into pancreatic cancer tumor-bearing mice.


BM-MSCs: Bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells; PDAC: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; 5-FU: Fluorouracil; miRNAs: MicroRNAs; H&E: Hematoxylin and eosin; DMSO: Dimethyl sulphoxide; RT: Reverse-transcribed; FBS: Fetal bovine serum; EMT: Epithelial mesenchymal transition P3; P3: Passage 3.