Tumor microenvironments are strongly related to tumor development, and immune-infiltrating cells and immune-related molecules are potential prognostic markers. However, the shortcomings of traditional measurement methods limit the accurate evaluation of various components in tumor microenvironments. With the rapid advancement of Next-Generation RNA Sequencing technology, dedicated and in-depth analyses of immune filtration within the tumor microenvironment has been achieved. In this study, we combined the bioinformatics analysis methods ESTIMATE, CIBERSORT, and ssGSEA to characterize the immune infiltration of sarcomas and to identify specific immunomodulators of different pathological subtypes. We further extracted a functional enrichment of significant immune-related genes related to improved prognosis, including NR1H3, VAMP5, GIMAP2, GBP2, HLA-E and CRIP1. Overall, the immune microenvironment is an important prognostic determinant of sarcomas and may be a potential resource for developing effective immunotherapy.