Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are associated with chemoresistance in many cancers. However, the function of circ_0005198 in the temozolomide (TMZ) resistance of glioma has not been well elucidated. Here, we demonstrated that circ_0005198 was considerably up-regulated in glioma tissues, serum samples and TMZ-resistant glioma cells. Silencing of circ_0005198 restrained TMZ resistance, restricted the proliferation and facilitated the apoptosis of TMZ-resistant glioma cells. MiR-198 could be sponged by circ_0005198, and we demonstrated that the effect of circ_0005198 on the progression of TMZ-resistant glioma cells was attributed to the inhibition of miR-198 activity. Moreover, TRIM14 was a target of miR-198 and silencing of TRIM14 hindered TMZ resistance and suppressed the progression of TMZ-resistant glioma cells, while TRIM14 over-expression rescued the inhibiting effect of miR-198 over-expression. We conclude that circ_0005198-miR-198-TRIM14 regulatory pathway is critical to TMZ resistance of glioma.