A recent study has reported that tsukushi (TSKU) may be related to the development of lung cancer. However, few studies focused on if TSKU associated with the prognosis and immune infiltration cells in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The effect of TSKU expression on prognosis with NSCLC was analyzed in the PrognoScan database and validated in The Cancer Genome Atlas. The composition of tumor infiltrating cells was quantified by methylation and expression data. We combined levels of tumor infiltrating cells with TSKU to evaluate the survival of patients. The analysis of a cohort (GSE31210, N=204) of lung cancer patients demonstrated that high TSKU expression was strongly associated with poor overall survival (P =1.90E-05). The combination of high TSKU expression and low infiltration B cells identified a subtype of patients with poor survival in NSCLC. Besides, the proportion of B cells in NSCLC patients with TSKU hypermethylation were higher than those patients with TSKU hypomethylation (P <0.001). Overall, high TSKU expression combined with low infiltration of B cells may associate with a poor prognosis of NSCLC patients. TSKU might be a potential prognostic biomarker involved in tumor immune infiltration in NSCLC.