Glioma is a prevalent brain malignancy with aggressive progression and with grave prognosis in adults. Circular RNAs have been reported to regulate glioma development and function as the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers. In this study, we were interested the function of circular RNA ZNF609 in modulating glioma. Remarkably, knockdown of ZNF609 by siRNA in glioma cells reduced cell viabilities and Edu-positive. The silencing of ZNF609 stimulated the apoptosis of glioma cells. Meanwhile, the ZNF609 depletion inhibited the invasion and migration of glioma cells. In glioma cells, the mRNA and protein expression of E-cadherin was enhanced, while Vimentin was reduced by the inhibition of ZNF609. The glucose uptake, lactate product, and ATP production in glioma cells were suppressed by ZNF609 knockdown. Mechanically, miR-378b was sponged by ZNF609 and targeted SLC2A1 in glioma cells. ZNF609 enhanced SLC2A1 expression by inhibiting miR-378b. The inhibition of miR-378b or the enhancement of SLC2A1 reversed ZNF609 depletion-regulated glioma cell proliferation in vitro. The depletion of ZNF609 suppressed glioma cell growth in the nude mice. Therefore, we concluded that ZNF609 contributed to cell survival and glycolysis of glioma by targeting miR-378b/SLC2A1 axis. ZNF609 and miR-378b may function as potential treatment targets in glioma.