Melanoma serves as a prevailing and lethal skin malignancy with high mortality and a growing number of patients globally. Circular RNAs (circRNAs), as a type of emerging cellular regulator, are involved in the modulation of melanoma. Nevertheless, the function of circZNF609 in melanoma development remains obscure. In this study, we were interested in the effect and the underlying mechanism of circZNF609 on DNA damage during melanoma progression. The circZNF609 depletion significantly suppressed melanoma cell invasion, migration, and proliferation, and stimulated apoptosis. Meanwhile, comet assays showed that the tail length and γH2AX levels were elevated by circZNF609 depletion. Mechanically, circZNF609 sponged miR-138-5p and miR-138-5p targeted SIRT7 in the melanoma cells. The SIRT7 overexpression and miR-138-5p inhibitor could reverse circZNF609 depletion-mediated DNA damage and malignant progression in melanoma cells. Functionally, CircZNF609 promoted cell growth of melanoma in the nude mice. Consequently, we conclude that circZNF609 suppresses DNA damage and potentially enhances melanoma progression at the experimental condition by modulating the miR-138-5p/SIRT7 axis. Our finding provides new insights into the mechanism by which circZNF609 modulates the development of melanoma. CircZNF609 and miR-138-5p may be utilized as therapeutic targets for melanoma.