Colorectal cancer accounts for the second most common cancer-related lethality. Intestinal stem cells are responsible for enteric homeostasis maintenance that, once being transformed, become colorectal cancer stem cells. Arresting cancer stemness represents an innovative strategy for colorectal cancer management. Using intestinal stem cell organoids as the primary model, we screened common inflammatory cytokines to identify key players targeting cancer stemness. We also explored the downstream signaling that drives the functionalities of the identified cytokine through both experimental investigations and computational predictions. As the results, we identified IFNγ as the key cytokine capable of arresting intestinal stem cells via the IFNγ/IFNGR2/APC/TCF4/GPX4 axis, proposed its role in killing colorectal cancer stem cells via triggering GPX4-dependent ferroptosis, and demonstrated its synergistic anti-cancer effect with cold atmospheric plasma in killing colorectal cancer cells that is worthy to be experimentally validated.