NDC1 is a transmembrane nucleoporin that participates in cell mitosis. In the field of oncology, NDC1 has shown its potential as a prognostic marker for multiple tumors. However, pan-cancer analysis of NDC1 to fully explore its role in tumors has not been performed and little is reported on its role in pancreatic cancers. In the present study, a pan-cancer analysis of NDC1 was performed using a bioinformatic approach. Survival analysis was performed by univariate Cox regression analysis and Kaplan-Meier survival analysis. Subsequently, the relationship between NDC1 and immune cell infiltration, TMB/MSI and drug sensitivity was analyzed. Moreover, the mechanism of NDC1 in pancreatic cancer were further analyzed by GSEA, GSVA. Finally, we conducted in vitro experiments including MTT, scratch, EdU, and apoptosis assays to explore the function of NDC1 in pancreatic cancer cells. High expression of NDC1 was demonstrated in 28 cancer types. Univariate Cox regression analysis revealed that NDC1 expression was closely associated with the survival outcome of 15 cancer types, and further Kaplan-Meier survival analysis showed negative associations with the progression-free survival in 14 cancers. In addition, a significant association between the NDC1 expression and immune cell infiltration in tumor microenvironment, immune-related genes, common tumor-regulatory and drug sensitivity was observed. Furthermore, NDC1 is abnormally expressed in pancreatic cancer, and is closely related to the prognosis of pancreatic cancer patients and chemosensitivity. The study reveals that NDC1 could be used as a potential immunological, prognostic and therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer.