Sushi domain-containing protein 4 (SUSD4) is a complement regulatory protein whose primary function is to inhibit the complement system, and it is involved in immune regulation. The role of SUSD4 in cancer progression has largely remained elusive. SUSD4 was studied across a variety of cancer types in this study. According to the results, there is an association between the expression level of SUSD4 and prognosis in multiple types of cancer. Further analysis demonstrated that SUSD4 expression level was related to immune cell infiltration, immune-related genes, tumor heterogeneity, and multiple cancer pathways. Additionally, we validated the function of SUSD4 in colorectal cancer cell lines and found that knockdown of SUSD4 inhibited cell growth and impacted the JAK/STAT pathway. By characterizing drug sensitivity in organoids, we found that the expression of SUSD4 showed a positive correlation trend with IC50 of Selumetinib, YK-4-279, and Piperlongumine. In conclusion, SUSD4 is a valuable prognostic indicator for diverse types of cancer, and it has the potential to be a target for cancer therapy.