Aging Contributes to 2024 Systems Aging Gordon Research Conference


Aging is contributing at the 2024 Systems Aging Gordon Research Conference in Barcelona, Spain, from June 2–7.

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BUFFALO, NY- May 20, 2024 – Aging is a contributor at the 2024 Systems Aging Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on “Systems Modeling, Aging Biomarkers, and Longevity Interventions” — taking place from June 2–7, 2024, in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain.

“The conference will present recent advances in systemic rejuvenation, multi-omics approaches, applications of machine learning/artificial intelligence, and approaches for enhancing the chance of successfully translating basic research results to the clinic.”

Additionally, many Aging authors have been invited to speak and lead discussions at the 2024 Systems Aging GRC. Among them are distinguished members of Aging’s Editorial Board, including Steve Horvath, David Sinclair, Vera Gorbunova, Vadim Gladyshev, Guido Kroemer, and Anne Brunet.

“The program will include speakers from diverse fields who are united in their pursuit of pioneering longevity and rejuvenating interventions. The 2024 Systems Aging GRC also aims to present advanced approaches for identifying comprehensive interventions that alleviate age-related pathology.”

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Cancer and aging are two sides of age-related tumorigenesis.

The mission of the journal is to understand the mechanisms surrounding aging and age-related diseases, including cancer as the main cause of death in the modern aged population.

The journal aims to promote 1) treatment of age-related diseases by slowing down aging, 2) validation of anti-aging drugs by treating age-related diseases, and 3) prevention of cancer by inhibiting aging. (Cancer and COVID-19 are age-related diseases.)

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