Aging Sponsors 2023 Ride for Roswell


Aging's publisher, Impact Journals, is sponsoring Team Open Access in the annual cycling event to end cancer: The Ride for Roswell. This fundraiser is hosted by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York.

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BUFFALO, NY- June 19, 2023 – The Ride for Roswell is one of the nation’s largest cycling events—hosted by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center—to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and patient care. This charity bike ride, based out of Buffalo, New York, has brought people together for 27 years to celebrate cancer survivors, pay tribute to lives that have been lost, and to work together to support research and find a cure.

When its doors opened in Buffalo in 1898, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center was the first cancer research-focused institution in the world. Today, this institution is one of only four National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the state of New York. Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best cancer hospitals in the United States.

The Origin of The Ride

The Ride for Roswell started in 1989 when Mitch Flynn, owner of the advertising agency Flynn & Friends, met Katherine Gioia. Katherine was a four-year-old patient battling a rare form of cancer. After Katherine’s death (less than a year after her diagnosis), Katherine’s mother, Anne Gioia, and aunt, Donna Gioia, founded the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation in her memory to raise money for cancer research and treatment. On June 29, 1996, Mitch and Alliance Foundation staff launched the first Ride for Roswell.

In the 27 years since then, thanks to over 127,000 riders and thousands of volunteers, the Ride for Roswell has raised over $67 million to fund cancer research. The event has become one of the largest charity rides in the United States. 

This Year

There are two ways to ride: at the University at Buffalo North Campus on Saturday, June 24, 2023, or Ride Your Own Way throughout the summer. There are nine routes to choose from this year—from five to 100 miles—including the return of the Canada route. You can make a difference for cancer patients no matter which way you Ride for Roswell. Click here for more details about The Ride.

The Ride has rolled out new fundraising rewards for 2023. The Extra Mile Club (EMC) is a name for riders who raise a significant dollar amount for the Ride. This year, EMC rewards will start at just $1,500, with enhancements to all other rider rewards. EMC members earn the following perks: an official EMC jersey, an official EMC hat and all rider rewards below $1,500. Learn more about Extra Mile Club rewards.

Join Team Open Access

Impact Journals has been a part of this event since 2018 and continues to sponsor captain Sergei Kurenov’s peloton, Team Open Access. Team Open Access was named in honor of all open-source online medical journals such as Aging. Sergei works at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center to create, develop and implement innovative diagnostic and surgical pre-planning software used in cancer treatment. He has been riding in the event since 2016.

“I am proud to [say] that our team is supported again by open source cancer-related scientific journals: Oncotarget and Aging! Both of these journals publish high-impact research papers of general interest and biological significance in all fields of cancer research,” Sergei said.

There is still time to join Team Open Access and the Ride for Roswell this summer. You can also support the team by giving a donation of any size. Any avenue of support you may choose to donate to the Ride for Roswell will make a difference and change lives. 

“You can make a difference and help advance our work by supporting me in The Ride For Roswell. Funds [raised] through The Ride support cutting-edge research and compassionate, innovative patient care programs at Roswell Park. Please consider making a donation today,” Sergei said. “Together, we can help find cancer cures and save the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.”

Visit the Open Access team page to join or donate today.

Click here to learn more about the Ride for Roswell.

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