Previous studies have showed the associations between various BRCA1-interacting protein 1 (BRIP1) polymorphisms and cancer risk. But, these results were inconsistent. This meta-analysis based on 18 studies involving 13,716 cancer patients and 15,590 cancer-free controls is aimed at to evaluate the relationship between the four common SNPs of BRIP1 (rs2048718, rs4988344, rs4986764, and rs6504074) and cancer risk. The results showed a decreased risk of rs2048718 or rs4986764 for cervical cancer rather than breast cancer in the overall population (P < 0.05). However, rs6504074 was associated with gynecologic cancer risk among overall population (P < 0.05). Further stratification analyses by ethnicity indicated that all 4 polymorphisms (rs2048718, rs4988344, rs4986764, and rs6504074) were strongly related to cancer susceptibility in Chinese people (P < 0.05). This meta-analysis showed that rs6504074 may play a decreased risk of gynecologic cancer in the overall population. Rs4988344, rs4986764, and rs6504074 were significantly related to decreasing cancer risk in Chinese population.