Emblica officinalis Gaetrn (i.e., Phyllanthus emblica/ Indian gooseberry/ Amla) (EO) has been used extensively as a nutraceutical in several diseases since it is known to boost immunity and offers numerous health benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects. The goal of our study was to test the hypothesis that EO will rescue human AMD RPE transmitochondrial cells from mitochondria-induced cellular damage. AMD RPE transmitochondrial cell lines were created by fusion of mitochondria DNA-deficient APRE-19 (Rho0) cells with platelets isolated from AMD patients, and therefore had identical nuclei but differed in mitochondrial DNA content. These AMD RPE cells were treated with EO extract followed by characterization of effects of EO using cellular and molecular assays. Herein, EO significantly improved live cell number and mitochondrial membrane potential, reduced apoptosis and oxidative stress, down-regulated VEGF, and up-regulated PGC-1α. In conclusion, EO improved cellular and mitochondrial health, thereby playing a key cytoprotective role in AMD in vitro. Further studies are required to examine the mechanisms that mediate the cytoprotective effects of EO.