Objectives: Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a common skeletal disorder. This study was conducted to demonstrate the association between DDH and a polymorphism rs9277935 of COL11A2 gene.

Results: A significant difference in genotype distribution in a recessive model (TT+GT vs. GG) between two groups (P=0.017) was demonstrated. Analysis in female patients showed significantly greater frequency of minor allele G(0.49 vs. 0.43, p=0.024) and significantly higher distribution of GG genotype (p=0.006). DDH patients were found to have significantly lower COL11A2 expression than controls. Moreover, DDH patients with rs9277935 genotype TT have a significantly increased expression of COL11A2 than those with genotype GG. COL11A2 demonstrated chondrogenic properties in vitro.

Conclusion: Polymorphism rs9277935 of gene COL11A2 is a functional variant regulating the expression and the chondrogenic properties of COL11A2 in DDH in Chinese Han population.

Methods: A case-control candidate gene association study was conducted in 945 patients (350 radiologically confirmed DDH patients and 595 healthy controls). Difference of COL11A2 expression in hip joint tissue was compared between the patients and the controls. Allelic difference in Col11a2 expression by rs9277935 was assessed with luciferase activity. Chondrogenic effects of Col11a2 signaling on BMSCs were also determined in vitro.